I’ve been to the Summer Solstice festival 4 times now.  I’ve been challenged, I’ve fallen in love, I’ve come back feeling refreshed and renewed and the most unreal experience happens every year which is rain pouring down after each final tantric meditation.  You are in the middle of the desert with not a cloud in the sky and it continues to happen each time I’ve been and my parents times before me.  It is the closest thing to mysticism that I have ever experienced first hand.  It is hard work in the days leading up to this point and right before your meditation is complete the rain will soak and seem to cleanse your mind and soul.  It is bizarre, mystical, unreal and true.  Check out the entire video to see for yourself.  

Wherever you go, go with all of your heart. - tea bag

An Old & Wise Perspective On Technology

I’m reading my grandfathers notebook. I found this paragraph quite powerful and wise:

"Saturday, December 13, 1947 

Powered gadgets are certainly not essential to human happiness but they’re nice to have. I hope I’ll keep this in mind when I return home. We must learn to run machines and not them run us. We were fortunate kids in having parents who did not let gadgets overcome them, at least during out early years. No radio, no movies till we were 10 or 12 - very good. We were thrown onto our own resources for entertainment, absolutely the best thing for all of us  We did not entirely give ourselves over to spectator recreation as some people have, much to their own detriment.  These two mediums, especially, are the universal “escapes” of American life - wrong - what we need is not “escapes” but more effective means of living.”

Then, of course, I dictated this to my iPhone and sent it across world.  

I would like to employ his mindset.  

Pondering life…

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Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.
Chinese proverb (via fuckyeahyoga)

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