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I’ve been to the Summer Solstice festival 4 times now.  I’ve been challenged, I’ve fallen in love, I’ve come back feeling refreshed and renewed and the most unreal experience happens every year which is rain pouring down after each final tantric meditation.  You are in the middle of the desert with not a cloud in the sky and it continues to happen each time I’ve been and my parents times before me.  It is the closest thing to mysticism that I have ever experienced first hand.  It is hard work in the days leading up to this point and right before your meditation is complete the rain will soak and seem to cleanse your mind and soul.  It is bizarre, mystical, unreal and true.  Check out the entire video to see for yourself.  

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Smith Westerns - Crabman

This song is amazing.

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The coward’s fear of death stems in large part from his incapacity to love anything but his own body. The inability to participate in others’ lives stands in the way of his developing any inner resources sufficient to overcome the terror of death.
J. Glenn Garry, The Warriors via Sebastian Junger, War

Good deeds, good experience, and goodness in us we collect so that we can share.
Yogi Bhajan